A History of UFOs

1h 10m | Jan 24, 2023

We’re divin’ deep, today! The journey through the history of UFO sightings is long and arduous…but as illuminating as the lights on these objects, themselves.

Some of these stories we’ll cover, can very easily be explained. Others, not so much. Some of them can only be taken anecdotally due to lack of supporting evidence and some are just too dramatic to be believed. But, all - remain compelling, for one reason or another.

An inconvenient fact for the skeptical is that strange objects have been seen in the sky far earlier than the 1940’s. But as long as this phenomenon has taken place, it seems so too has the phenomenon of flexibly explaining it away. Whether the go-to explanation was signs from heaven and angels to blimps or drones…these objects, however so inconveniently, have remained the same. 

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