The Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery Part 2 - "Peter"

Season 6 | Episode 122
41m | Jan 23, 2024

Hunting Yeti on the snowy peaks of the Himilayas. Smuggling artifacts to celebrities. Launching and leading historical Bigfoot expeditions. Pioneering white water river rafting in foreign countries. 

…Convincing our government to analyze suspected Sasquatch hair. 

Ho hum. 

Just a day in the life of our third horseman in the series and the subject of today’s episode, Mr. Peter Byrne.

From childhood, Peter had a fascination with The Abominable Snowman thanks to his father’s bedtime stories. This fascination would only grow and end up lasting a lifetime. An adventurer and trailblazer by nature, this Horseman of Sasquatchery spent nearly six decades in one way or another paving a way in the Bigfoot field for others to follow. His impact is lasting and penetrated all corners of the phenomenon. And today we weave through the good, the bad, the thrilling, and the weird chapters that all contributed to Peter’s ‘Great Search’.

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