Alien Abduction

1h 9m | Feb 28, 2023

Alien Abduction. Nothing more than a creation of Science Fiction? Or a figment of a flexible imagination? 

If that is so, why can we see so many commonalities with Fairy and other supernatural folklore? And how are some purported abductees, able to pass lie detector tests? How are multiple people involved in the same abduction, all telling the same story, able to do so?

Today we look at 3 well known, highly documented and investigated cases that still leave us pondering the reality of this strange occurrence, to this day. We’ll also give a nod to some honorable mentions of some far out there, odd cases of abduction, before wrapping it all up with a list of deterrents and techniques, to ward off your own abduction, should ETs come a knockin’ at YOUR door.

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