A Conversation with Skeptic, Dr. James H. Nelson

Season 5 | Episode 97
1h 2m | Jul 25, 2023

For this season’s skeptical deep dive, I am joined by one of Oregon Ghost Conference’s instructors and skeptic, Dr. James Nelson. Dr. Nelson has a background in clinical social work, science and research. He previously cofounded a paranormal research group and currently consults in a skeptical capacity for various paranormal investigative teams in the Portland, OR area. He also works with and is the cofounder of the Portland Ghostbusters which is a cosplay group that attends and supports numerous charity events and conventions. 

He applies the scientific method and a healthy logic when approaching claims of the supernatural and joins me today to share with us how we all can more properly apply these standards in our own quest for answers. We discuss commonly used but misunderstood concepts and terms *cough* Occam’s Razor *cough*, misused paranormal equipment and most importantly, we discuss what it means to be an actual skeptic sans the smugness and superiority complex.

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