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The Green Peak

Join Richard Zwicky weekly in discovering new insights into the business of the global cannabis industry. A successful entrepreneur & consultant who has built organizations in multiple industries across four continents, including one of the largest cannabis producers in Latin America, Richard has built teams from startup through to 500 people spread across over 10 countries, and regularly consults to businesses of all sizes with regards to their growth strategies, go-to-market plans, and paths to funding.

With insights drawn from multiple industries, Richard helps current and aspiring investors gain clarity of vision and insights into the drivers of growth and success in the cannabis industry in the US, and globally. 


Safe Harbor Financial With Sundie Seefried
Show Details29min 27s
Higher Yields Cannabis Consulting With Cory Waggoner
Show Details31min 22s
Ask Growers with Tia Moskalenko
Show Details29min 36s
Advanced Nutrients with Mike “BigMike” Straumietis
Show Details34min 4s
Urban- Gro With Bradley Nattrass
Show Details27min 50s
Schwazze With Justin Dye
Show Details31min 38s
FundCanna with CEO Adam Stettner
Show Details27min 53s
Robert Hoban: Clark Hill Member Attorney
Show Details30min 34s
Pure Dharma with Founders Sarah and Sean MaHannah
Show Details31min 29s
22nd Century Group with CEO James Mish
Show Details33min 5s
Sweet Leaf Madison Capital With Kevin Bush
Show Details29min 38s
The BAD Investment Company With Tommy Mancuso
Show Details29min 53s
Eisner Advisory Group LLC with Eric Altstadter
Show Details24min 20s
Chicago Atlantic Real Estate Finance Inc with John Mazarakis
Show Details28min 21s
Cannaland and Cannaverse Technologies With Matthew Lee Morgan
Show Details30min 36s
Can Legal Weed Win? With Author Robin Goldstein
Show Details38min 29s
Prohibition Partners LIVE with Stephen Murphy
Show Details31min 52s
Cannverse and Host of the Cannabis Conversation Podcast
Show Details32min 4s
Presidential Cannabis with CEO Everett Smith
Show Details30min 18s
Verano Holdings Corp. with COO Darren H. Weiss
Show Details31min 59s
Canna Advisors with founder Jay Czarkowski
Show Details30min 26s
Audacious with CEO Terry Booth
Show Details31min 53s
WM Technology And Weedmaps with Arden Lee
Show Details31min 56s
AFC Gamma with Leonard M. Tannenbaum
Show Details30min 7s
Cansativa Group with Benedikt and Jakob Sons
Show Details30min 13s
The Cannabis Business Advisors with Sara Gullickson
Show Details33min 10s
MainStem With Co-Founder & CEO Alen Nguyen
Show Details30min 51s
Wings With CEO Haitham Al-Beik
Show Details28min 14s
Bloomwell Group with Niklas Kouparanis
Show Details34min 17s
Victus Consulting Ventures with CEO Alisia Ratliff
Show Details31min 53s
Radicle Science with Co-founder Pelin Thorogood
Show Details28min 34s
Drnq Budz with Founder of ROCO plants Dan "DanO" OBryan
Show Details29min 44s
Higher Risk Deposit Compliance Solutions With Becky Postar
Show Details34min 12s
NewLake Capital with Director Anthony Coniglio
Show Details26min 33s
5th Quarter with Marvin Washington
Show Details33min 14s
Hara Supply Co-Founder and CEO Bryan Gerber
Show Details29min 32s
RIV Capital with CEO Narbé Alexandrian
Show Details31min 3s
Technicorum Holdings with CEO Daniel Daboczy Part 1
Show Details31min 13s
The Alternative Finance Network
Show Details34min 14s
CannabiSalud Mexico with Lorena Beltran
Show Details30min 40s
WB Canna Co & Wellness
Show Details29min 35s
Zoned Properties with Bryan McLaren
Show Details35min 22s
Gage Cannabis Co. with Fabian Monaco
Show Details32min 34s
Pelorus Equity Group with Rob Sechrist
Show Details34min 14s
Cannabis Grower’s Handbook with Ed Rosenthal
Show Details33min 2s
Flora Growth Corp. with Luis Merchan
Show Details28min 53s
Ed Rosenthal Today On Green Peak
Show Details32min 56s
Poseidon Garden Fund with Patrick Rea
Show Details32min 57s
Health House Holdings Limited With Tony Samios
Show Details30min 6s
Cann Farm with Andrés Vázquez Vargas
Show Details33min 34s
EisnerAmper LLP with Eric Altstadter
Show Details27min 19s
SōRSE Technology with Felipe Sanchez Romero
Show Details32min 54s
Inanna Manufacturing with Jason Klein
Show Details33min 48s
Prohibition Partners With Stephen Murphy
Show Details33min 55s
Paul Rosen of 1933 Industries
Show Details38min 57s
Empowering Mental Wellness with David Nikzad
Show Details30min 13s
James Capital Advisors’ Peter J. Padden
Show Details28min 7s
From Seed to Success With Author Ryan Douglas
Show Details28min 47s
HelloMD with CEO Larry Lisser
Show Details32min 47s
The Green Globe Control Union Part 2
Show Details31min 13s
The Green Globe Control Union Part 1
Show Details32min 7s
Project Scepter with Alexander Smith
Show Details29min 42s
Anthony Coniglio of NewLake Capital Partners (Holiday Special)
Show Details22min 43s
Hunter Land: Canopy Growth Corporation (Holiday Special)
Show Details24min 58s
Dr. Silvia Pessah (Holiday Special)
Show Details21min 36s
Brent Zettl CEO of ZYUS (Holiday Special)
Show Details22min 18s
The Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry (Holiday Special)
Show Details18min 8s
Pantry Food Co. With Scott Jennings
Show Details29min 3s
The CBD Association
Show Details36min 41s
BellRock Brands With Chuck Smith
Show Details34min 8s
Ceres Acquisition Corp With Joe Crouthers
Show Details34min 57s
Dickinson Wright's Cannabis Practice Group
Show Details34min 40s
Producing Cannabinoids From Sources Beyond Cannabis
Show Details26min 43s
The Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry
Show Details36min 9s
CBD Association
Show Details37min 2s
EXMceuticals With Johnathan Summers
Show Details32min 39s
The Largest Cannabis Producer In The World Part 2
Show Details31min 34s
The Largest Cannabis Producer In The World Part 1
Show Details30min 58s
Cannabis In The UK
Show Details32min 24s
Marketing Strategies In Cannabis
Show Details35min
Investing In Cannabis with Matthew Carr
Show Details34min 38s
Public Health Specialist Dr. Silvia Pessah
Show Details34min 58s
Cannabis Facilities with Anthony Coniglio
Show Details36min 8s
Facilitating The Growth of European Cannabis
Show Details33min 15s
The Weeds with Jimmy Young
Show Details34min 45s
Steve DeAngelo: The Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry
Show Details45min 51s
Pharmaceutical Formulations Development And More
Show Details33min 34s
Show Details31min 26s
Vanguard Scientific Systems
Show Details32min 26s
The Canadian Securities Exchange
Show Details32min 58s
Leaf Cross Biomedical Inc.
Show Details34min 59s
Poseidon Asset Management
Show Details30min 32s
European Cannabis Industry
Show Details34min 36s
Cannabis Extract Treatment Protocols
Show Details37min 6s
California Cannabis Firms
Show Details35min 3s
Cannabis Venture Capital Fund
Show Details35min 56s
Quality & Compliance Services Inc.
Show Details37min 19s
The Way Cannabis Retailers Manage Compliance
Show Details32min 48s
Organic Cannabis Extracts
Show Details37min 39s
Medical Cannabis In Peru
Show Details34min 32s
Expand The Potential For Medicine
Show Details37min 20s
Quality Management Systems In Cannabis
Show Details34min 28s
Strategic Advice In The Cannabis Space
Show Details39min 22s
CBD Data
Show Details31min 33s
Investing In The Rapidly Growing Cannabis Industry
Show Details38min 4s
Medical Cannabis And How It's Transforming Patient Care
Show Details36min 21s
The Latest Legislative Developments And Key Trends In The Industry
Show Details45min 15s
Expanding The Adult Use Market Even Further
Show Details41min 57s
How The Perception Of CBD Changed
Show Details40min 59s
A New Standard In Cannabis Processing
Show Details34min 4s