Ascend Wellness Holdings Strategy, Growth and Leveraging Regulatory Changes

26m | Mar 20, 2024

Richard Zwicky speaks with Rebecca Conti Koar, EVP of Investor Relations and Strategy at AWH (Ascend Wellness Holdings)

Richard talks to Rebecca about Ascend Wellness's recent earnings results, revenue growth, market penetration, and potential expansion plans for new stores or markets.

They address topics like tax strategy, upcoming refinancing of a term loan, and an outlet retail strategy for value-oriented products. Richard mentions potential consolidation within the industry due to aggressive price normalization, noting state-imposed caps that may restrict further opportunities.

They conclude by discussing implications for the industry over the next twelve to eighteen months, including consolidation possibilities and challenges posed by regulatory changes.

Rebecca provides insights into Ascend Wellness Holdings' current performance and future outlook in the cannabis industry, covering strategic initiatives and market dynamics. Plus, they discuss financial results, growth strategies, expansion plans, and potential barriers to entry. They analyze the impact of state-imposed caps on industry consolidation and future challenges arising from regulatory changes.

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