Focusing on Alternative Cannabinoids, Market Challenges, and Tennessee's Regulatory Landscape

26m | Jan 16, 2024

Richard Zwicky speaks with David Miller, the CEO of FlowGardens. David shares his background, transitioning from the financial and accounting space to the cannabis industry. He discusses how being in a state like Tennessee, which currently doesn't legally allow marijuana or cannabis production, has led FlowGardens to focus on alternative cannabinoids and unique genetics development. David emphasizes the importance of consumer education regarding these alternative cannabinoids and mentions specific ones like CBC, THCV, and CBDV.

The conversation touches on studies supporting the potential health benefits of alternative cannabinoids, particularly CBG and CBC in combating cancer and having anti-inflammatory characteristics. David highlights the challenge of consumer education in a market that tends to focus on high THC percentages. He also discusses the need for presenting consumers with options that offer a more holistic approach to medicinal use, considering various cannabinoids' potential benefits.

The interview also explores how Tennessee's regulatory landscape differs from other states, creating opportunities for FlowGardens to innovate and potentially sell products in non-legal states. David expresses optimism about the evolving market in Tennessee despite its current restrictions, and the conversation ends with a mention of the state's governor not being very favorable toward the cannabis industry in the past.

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