Psychedelics Legalization and Investment

30m | Feb 21, 2024

Psychedelics Legalization and Investment as Richard Zwicky welcomes Dustin Robinson, Managing Principal of Iter Investments, Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law and Co-Founder of Mr. Psychedelic Law.

Dustin Robinson, Esq., CPA, is managing principal of psychedelics venture capital firm Iter Investments; founding partner of psychedelics and cannabis law firm Mr. Cannabis Law; and co-founder of psychedelics non-profit Mr. Psychedelic Law; for your consideration on any stories that you may working on.

Robinson’s venture capital firm is an investor in MAPS and has worked closely with the organization, and his law firm represents many clinics and therapists that are planning to use MDMA once approved.

As a starting point, Robinson said, “MAPS PBC New Drug Application submission to the FDA is a tremendous milestone for the psychedelic industry. It is the first NDA submission for psychedelic therapy and brings us one step closer to a paradigm shift in mental health. My expected timeline is FDA approval around August 2024; DEA approval by end of 2024; first patient dosed by mid-2025; private insurance coverage by the end of 2025; and MDMA-Assisted Therapy at scale in 2026. With MAPS PBC Phase 3 trial results demonstrating a significant improvement over current medicines for PTSD, I expect MDMA-Assisted Therapy to be a game-changer for veterans and others suffering from PTSD

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