Marimed MSO Growth Strategy and Expansion to Emerging Markets

26m | Sep 20, 2023

Richard Zwicky welcomes MariMed's cofounder and new CEO Jon Levine about the MSO which has a strong presence in Massachusetts, Ohio and Illinois, as well as emerging markets like Maryland and Missouri.

While most MSOs are scuttling for brand equity and sales in prominent, oversaturated markets, MariMed has strategically built out its operations in locations that have been traditionally underserved. Through careful market research and planning, the company has excelled in building its presence in promising emerging markets ahead of the curve and building out and aligning its vertical operations effectively.

While other MSOs are constantly shuffling their consumer brands and SKUs, MariMed's brands are time-tested and new products brought to market are intentional and innovative. Also, MariMed has avoided a lot of the price compression that has plagued the industry over the past year-plus. Of note, MariMed’s Nature’s Heritage  flower remains the #1 selling flower in Massachusetts and prices have not decreased.

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