Prohibition Partners Discusses The Evolving Cannabis Market Globally At Cannabis Europa

28m | Apr 18, 2023

Richard Zwicky and Stephen Murphy are discussing Cannabis Europa, the ninth edition of Prohibition Partners’ cannabis conference, which is held in the Barbecue venue in London. This year, the show has more North American audiences, including US companies, investors, producers, and ancillary companies. 

This year, Germany also announced its policy towards legalization for adult use, even though it is more of a decriminalization than actual legalization. The conference is a great opportunity for those interested in the cannabis industry to learn about the latest developments, as well as to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere the Barbecue venue offers.

They discussed two great shows coming up, and the 8th annual European Cannabis Report was recently published. This report explores the trends happening in each market, issues with the supply chain, and major regulatory reform for both medical and adult use. The report also highlights the growth of medical cannabis in Europe, as well as minor tweaks happening in mature markets that have a greater effect. Ultimately, the report shows that there is no one size fits all policy in cannabis, as each market has its own regulations and procedures.

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