101. Eva's Back! & Re-Building Business with Intention

43m | Feb 14, 2023

Welcome back to the EmpowerYou Podcast! After a long break, Eva Palacios is back with a new co-host. But that’s the only thing that is different. EmpowerYou is designed to dive into all things credit. Eva’s goal is to help you navigate the often confusing world of credit and finances, and equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to build and maintain a strong credit score.

In this episode, Eva discusses where she’s been, what happened on the break, and how she’s bounced back.


00:30 Welcome to the new EmpowerYou Podcast! With our new host Damian

01:00 Where has Eva been?

03:12 Eva’s reflections on the first 100 episodes

05:00 Eva’s honest life update, hiring a business coach

06:59 Operating with intention vs operating in auto-pilot

08:46 “Just because you’re in the gutter doesn’t mean you gotta live there”

12:06 When life hits, will you be financially ready?

16:57 Moving smarter vs moving scared

17:22 Being open about tougher financial seasons with your kids

18:16 The Art of Cutting Back

22:40 Shame and embarrassment when cutting back

25:00 Mindset and relationship with money are all relevant

27:06 The critical importance of taking care of yourself

29:23 Power of vulnerability

32:31 What you can expect from the new and improved EmpowerYou

35:23 EmpowerYou Financial Conference: Sat, March 25th, 2023 in Stockton, CA


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