128. Back to School Series: For College Students’ Parents

25m | Oct 10, 2023

Back to School Series: For College Students’ Parents | EmpowerYou Financial Podcast [Episode 128]

Welcome back to the EmpowerYou Financial podcast!

This one is for the parents of college students! It’s super important to set you and your student up for success — not just for the 2-4 years in school, but what could impact the REST OF THEIR LIVES!

Learn how to talk to your kids about money, how to manage their spending (you know all that DoorDash is going to add up), and ABOUT THE WORLD — all the habits they can build NOW so they can have an easier time transitioning into the “REAL WORLD” paying for rent, bills, groceries, car insurance, etc.

PLUS, learn some things that YOU can do to start building THEIR credit scores.

These are the kind of gems that we share and talk about on a regular basis in our Lions community! Be sure to join Eva's brand new community platform and get plugged in ASAP for support, encouragement, new friends, and tips from Eva!

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