122. BYOB = Be Your Own Bank!

38m | Aug 22, 2023

BYOB = Be Your Own Bank! | EmpowerYou Financial Podcast [Episode 122]

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the EmpowerYou Financial podcast.

We hope you enjoyed our last episode where David broke down Life Insurance 101 for you... because HE’S BACK on this episode!

Today, David is going to teach you how to BYOB = BE YOUR OWN BANK!

To hook you in, what this could mean is: by you learning the banking strategy, you’ll learn how you can put money in a policy instead of a bank so that you can lend yourself money rather than the bank lending you money — and that’s just one example!

These are the kind of gems that we share and talk about on a regular basis in our Lions community — where David is also a member! Be sure to join Eva's brand new community platform and get plugged in ASAP for support, encouragement, new friends, and tips from Eva!


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