120. Identity Theft

28m | Jul 25, 2023

Identity Theft | EmpowerYou Financial Podcast [Episode 120]

Hey everyone! Welcome to today's podcast. We're continuing to talk about the scary money topics and giving you tips on how to prevent them from happening and/or how to get out of them if you're already in a situation.

Today's main topic will be identity theft: The things you can do to prevent identity theft, how to look out for possible activities in the credit report that don't sound familiar, and how to recover in case you've already experienced identity theft.

We hope you're gaining a lot from these episodes and helping you understand you're never alone in these scary situations! Don't let the fear leave you scared alone — Be sure to join Eva's brand new community platform and get plugged in ASAP for support, encouragement, new friends, and tips from Eva!


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