124. How to network & expand your community

24m | Sep 12, 2023

How to network & expand your community | EmpowerYou Financial Podcast [Episode 124]

Welcome back to the EmpowerYou Financial podcast!

Eva is back from Invest Fest and she is FIRED UP to share a few simple, practical gems for you guys to take away and implement when it comes to expanding your community! Your business and your branding cannot and will not grow without your community, so this is super important.

It’s all about NETWORKING, especially at EVENTS! Eva will touch up on the things that she’s observed and learned at Invest Fest, and how you can make the most out of the conferences you attend and vendors you meet.

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These are the kind of gems that we share and talk about on a regular basis in our Lions community! Be sure to join Eva's brand new community platform and get plugged in ASAP for support, encouragement, new friends, and tips from Eva!


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