115. Road to Homeownership

43m | Jun 13, 2023

Road to Homeownership | EmpowerYou Financial Podcast [Episode 115]

Welcome back to the podcast! On this episode, Eva is talking everything homeownership. From how to get started on your way to homeownership to what to do and consider once you're there! Whether it’s a good idea or not to buy a home today / in today’s market, what do discuss with your partner who you might be taking on this journey with, when you want to get married, where you want to live, how to furnish your home, how to navigate mortgage loans, how to sell if you decide to, even everything with the risk of losing a job one day.

At EmpowerYou Financial, we understand financial literacy and building generational wealth can feel lonely and overwhelming. Let us remind you that you're never alone, walk alongside you, take all of the stressful information into bite-sized bits, so that you can see for yourself that everything you once thought was impossible are possible and that you are more than capable of making them all happen!

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