110. Is it a cost or an investment?

36m | Apr 18, 2023

Is it a cost or an investment? | EmpowerYou Financial Podcast [Episode 110]

Let's start paying attention to our mindset around what we consider to be a cost vs an investment that can add value, enhance the experience, and have a positive return!

On this episode, Eva shares how her trip to Italy with her sister went, and the lessons she's learned from flying Economy vs upgrading to Business Class. At first glance, the upgrade doesn't seem to be worth the spending. However, after being on a 10+ hr flight, Eva learns the consequences of that decision and how it actually COSTED her to stay in Economy vs if she would have upgraded — which she later decides to and shares her experience flying Business Class!

Surround yourself with those who can inspire you to level up! Life doesn't always have to be "this is how I've always lived, so, it's fine, I can stay on this level." Let's get you to be excited about life and (responsibly) experiencing all that the world can offer!


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