103. Before you head to "Credit Repair" Companies

51m | Feb 28, 2023

"How long will it take for me to see results?" "What are your success stories?" "What's YOUR credit score?" Be demanding about your questions to companies you invest your money and trust into!

Will these "credit repair" companies TEACH YOU STEP-BY-STEP how to raise your credit score, EMPOWER YOU with financial literacy and posture of confidence, IMPROVE your relationship and mindset with money, EQUIP YOU with the tools needed to prevent making the same mistakes in the future, and STICK BY YOU with what to do next after achieving a 700-800+ score?

Do these "Credit Repair" companies have a trusted community and long-term success stories? Are they a 'quick fix' solution for now or a proven method to building generational wealth?

Empower You Financial is not a "Credit Repair" company, and Eva is not one to play. So, if you've decided you want to work with "Credit Repair" companies aka "the other guys", be sure to watch this episode and TAKE NOTES on the questions Eva encourages you to ask them before you commit! If you realize maybe "Credit Repair" isn't the path for you, join Eva's free Facebook group and ask your questions. EVA will answer :)


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