What's Next?

Season 1 | Episode 6
52m | Aug 19, 2023

Welcome to episode 6 of The Hilariously Unemployed! This week we are diving deep into the world of career empowerment and transitions.

In Episode 6, your host Speak Up Dana is joined by Shira Ali, a What’s Next? Strategist based in the Washington, DC, area. With 20 years of experience in corporate real estate management, Shira brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table. As the Founder of Shira Ali & Associates, she's on a mission to empower women at crossroads to step confidently into their next career or business phase.

In this episode, we're tackling topics that resonate with many: from conquering negative self-talk and navigating career pivots, to the unique challenges women face during unemployment and strategies to overcome them. Shira's expertise in career coaching and empowerment offers invaluable guidance for anyone seeking career growth.

So, whether you're pondering a career change, dealing with self-doubt, or simply looking for strategies to elevate your professional journey, this episode has something for you. Tune in as we laugh, learn, and get inspired by Shira Ali's journey and expertise.

As mentioned in the episode Shira has gifted The Hilariously Unemployed her Joy & Judgement Journal at no cost. Use this link to access your copy today!

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