White Castles & Ghosts

Season 1 | Episode 10
52m | Sep 30, 2023

Get ready for a thought-provoking and insightful episode as I welcome my exceptional guest, Eustacia A. English, to the"Hilariously Unemployed" Podcast. Eustacia is a seasoned Talent Recruiter, Career Branding Coach, a 👶 mompreneur, and currently holds the role of Senior Director of Community and Belonging, specializing in #DEI, #CSR, and #ESG initiatives.

😁 While she is not currently Hilariously Unemployed, she has been there a time or two and has great insight to share.

👻 Ever wonder why recruiters ghost you? Well, tune in to find out what Eustacia has to say and gain some insights on getting your resume and application reviewed for the next opportunity!

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The Hilariously Unemployed