Do The Humans Need Resources?

Season 2 | Episode 1
50m | Feb 16, 2024

In this highly anticipated episode, Big Speaker brings you the latest updates on life post-Season 1 and her comically precarious unemployment status.

We're thrilled to welcome back our fan-favorite guest, JRuss, for a much-anticipated catch-up session. JRuss opens up about her recent ADHD diagnosis and the unexpected twists and turns of her nine-month unemployment journey. Amidst the challenges, she shares heartwarming stories of using her art to bring joy to herself and her friends.

But that's not all! Big Speaker provides a rundown of the current unemployment rate and the latest news about the most recent layoffs announced.

Stay tuned as JRuss shares exciting news about her recent SHRM certification delves into her exploration of AI, and recounts her amusing experiences in the job interview trenches.


Podcast: I have ADHD 

Book on self-trust: Trust Yourself: Step Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work by Melody Wilding LMSW 

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