Season 1 | Episode 15
54m | Nov 11, 2023

In Episode 15 of "Hilariously Unemployed". Big Speaker welcomes Taz Rajabali, a seasoned HR professional with 27 years of global corporate experience. Having seen the pitfalls in the world of hiring, Taz decided to take matters into her own hands by establishing a consultancy firm dedicated to revolutionizing the hiring process.

A significant portion of Taz's business is devoted to a program called "Rockstars." 🌟 This initiative serves as a free coaching program, open to anyone seeking guidance on various career-related matters. Whether you're navigating the job market, polishing your CV, preparing for an interview, or seeking insights into complex job scenarios, Rockstars is there to offer support.

Big Speaker gives Taz a colorful description of what an HBCU homecoming is and gets him giggling with her shocking magnificent podcast vocals. For those who enjoy there is also a bit of #asmr at the top of the show to get the laughs going early!

Listen now to learn more about Rockstars and get the career support you need now!

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The Hilariously Unemployed