The HR Psychic

Season 1 | Episode 11
47m | Oct 8, 2023

In Episode 11 of the “Hilariously Unemployed" podcast, Big Speaker 🔊 welcomes Shae Green, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Grace Hill.  Shae is not your average HR professional, she is an HR Psychic who possesses a unique talent for foreseeing the outcomes of internal business dynamics, especially those impacting people.

Shae's career journey has taken her through diverse industries, including the automotive and aerospace & defense sectors, providing her with a wealth of experience working in larger organizations. 

She shares her love for working with millennials and explores the factors that have shaped their career mindsets differently from previous generations.

One of the most candid segments of our conversation delves into Shae's experience, with executing layoffs—a challenging responsibility that she handles with grace and empathy. She offers a candid look into the emotional impact of such difficult decisions and how HR can provide resources and support during these transitions.

She emphasizes the importance of humanizing conversations around layoffs, highlighting the need to manage morale, culture, and organizational engagement after such events, and strategies for countering the inevitable rumor mill.

While layoffs are serious, there is always room for laughter in each episode. Shae & Big Speaker get into a witty conversation about personality assessments that is bound to make you giggle. 

Join us for a captivating conversation filled with HR insights, laughter, and invaluable lessons. 

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