How To Afford Everything

Season 1 | Episode 18
52m | Dec 15, 2023

It’s the end of season 1! What better way to end the season than to talk about financial literacy?

🚨 Get ready for the grand season finale of "Hilariously Unemployed," where Big Speaker is joined by the incredible Darla Bishop, DrPH. Darla, a military spouse and the author of "How to Afford Everything," takes us on a journey through her life experiences, tackling the challenges of frequent relocations due to her husband's military service.

💹 In this episode, Darla will share insights on rebuilding careers after each move and the unique challenges first-generation professionals face. Her passion for community health, forged through her diverse experiences, will take center stage as we discuss financial literacy's vital role in creating resilient communities.

We explore chapters of Darla's books and she drops gems for those who are looking to make money magic with realistic tips for budgeting.

This episode is full of laughs and includes our first-ever sing-a-long! Enjoy the end of this season and gear up for season 2 Jan. 2024.

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The Hilariously Unemployed