We are not 1 thing

Season 1 | Episode 5
54m | Aug 12, 2023

Welcome back and, get ready to meet our next guest on "The Hilariously Unemployed" - a powerhouse of energy, a multifamily expert, and the owner of one of the loudest laughs you'll ever hear! 🎉🎙️

In this episode, your host Speak Up Dana had the privilege of sitting with Stephanie Oehler. With a vibrant personality and a wealth of experience, Stephanie is here to share her journey through the ups and downs of the job market, all with a healthy dose of humor and wisdom.

Stephanie has done everything from navigating rejection patterns to tweaking salary requirements in order to get the application viewed! She's not just a jack of all trades; she's a master at finding the silver lining in every career challenge.

Join us as we dive into a conversation filled with laughter, insights, and inspiration, led by the dynamic and talented Speak Up Dana.

Tune in, laugh along, and walk away empowered as Stephanie Oehler takes center stage on "The Hilariously Unemployed." 🎧🌟

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The Hilariously Unemployed