Podcasting Tips

Your Own Magic Case Study

My podcast is my baby. It has been since 2017. And like any mother, I tend to be particular about who takes care of her. As the podcast was growing, I had a handful of offers that wanted to distribute the show on their platform. I turned down several offers until RedCircle came along. I felt that RedCircle understood my vision, my desire for creative freedom, and was interested in finding the brands that aligned with the podcast. Plus, the team is top-tier. I am confident that choosing

RedCircle was one of my best decisions for the podcast. The platform’s interface is clean, easy to navigate, and comprehensive.

I appreciate the seamlessness of inserting new ads into the episodes using RedCircle’s Ad Platform (RAP). Now listeners hear fresh ad reads whether they tune in to an old or new episode. This also helps the podcaster maintain a good (often long) relationship with brands. On another note, since I joined RedCircle, my podcast has expanded more rapidly than expected – my downloads have doubled. I am beyond grateful for everything RedCircle has done for the podcast.
From connecting me with the best brands that my audience enjoys to a team
that cares deeply and understands my vision.

If you’re considering working with an all-in-one hosting platform, look no further.

Check out all RedCircle has to offer here!