Introducing Dynamic Insertion

Starting today, you can insert any audio clip into your content on demand using RedCircle’s new Dynamic Insertion technology. When your listeners download or stream your episode, RedCircle will stitch together a unique version of your episode on the fly. Like our other features, every RedCircle creator can access this technology for free.

How to use Dynamic Insertion 

Dynamic Insertion gives you more control over your listener’s experience and the flexibility to easily swap out timely content. Whether you advertise on your podcast or not, there are many ways that technology can be useful. For example, you can use Dynamic Insertion to: 

Dynamically insert ads

Instead of “baking in” your ads, you can record your spot ahead of time and choose exactly where it gets inserted in your episode, as well as insert the same ad across multiple episodes. Once the ad expires, you can remove it and open up that advertising space for another buyer and continue to earn ad revenue on your back catalog. This also ensures listeners are served relevant ads and current offers when they download an old episode. You can even A/B test two different versions of an ad using Dynamic Insertion to help improve your ad performance. 

Move around Cross-Promotion campaigns 

If you’re currently running RedCircle Cross Promotions, they are inserted pre-roll by default. But now, with Dynamic Insertion you can specify exactly where you’d like your cross promotions to play within your content. 

Run your own promotions

Dynamic Insertion makes it easy to run your own promotions across your entire show. Do you accept donations or sell subscriptions? Record a promotion reminding listeners to donate or subscribe to the show and easily drop it into your most recent episodes. Or run a promotion that you can reuse every episode encouraging listeners to review the show or follow you on social media. When a promotion is no longer relevant, you’re able to quickly swap it out for an updated version, or just remove it entirely. 

Drop in repeatable content 

You likely have elements of your podcast that remain the same episode to episode, such as intro music, fallback audio for empty ad spots, or your outro credits. With Dynamic Insertion, you can insert the same audio clip across multiple episodes and if needed, you can easily update the clip later and change the audio file across all those episodes at the same time. 

Learn more about how to use Dynamic Insertion for your podcast, here.  

Get started using RedCircle’s Dynamic Insertion

To get started, you’ll first need to create an audio block. An audio block is a collection of audio clips (i.e. a host-read ad, a cross promotion, a self promotion, etc.) with rules about how they get played. Once you’ve named your new audio block, you can upload new audio files or select an existing cross promotion from the drop down. 

To change the order of audio files within an audio block, simply drag and drop the files. Next, select the play style: do you want the files to be played randomly or in order? Finally, you can limit the number of audio files that are played when the audio block is inserted using the “play up to” field. For example, if you are running two ads, but you only want to play one ad at a time you can limit the insertions to only play up to one clip and select random ordering. You can learn more about how audio blocks work here.

Once you’ve created an audio block, you’ll need to add some insertion points which mark the exact point where the audio block gets inserted into the episode. First, choose an episode to add or edit your insertion points.

You click directly on the waveform to add a new insertion point marker, then zoom in and pan around the audio to adjust it as needed. Or just manually enter in a time stamp. You can add multiple insertion points using our editor to any point in your episode — pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll. Find more info on how to configure Insertion Points here

Once you’ve added your insertion points, you can assign audio blocks to multiple insertion points across any number of episodes.

From the ‘Insertion Points’ page, you can see at a glance which episodes have insertion points and quickly swap audio blocks in or out.

Dynamic Insertion opens up a world of exciting possibilities for independent creators to operate their podcast with the same technology as the big networks. Here’s a few of the benefits of using dynamic insertion: 

  • Keep your podcast’s back catalog fresh and relevant 
  • Streamlining your workflow and save you time 
  • Open opportunities with new brands and advertisers
  • Gain control of your listener’s experience 

We can’t wait to hear how you use Dynamic Insertion in your podcast!

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