S01 EP9 - The Ethical Bridge, Conscious Consumerism - with Patricia Chourio, Angelica Pimentel, & Gaby Martinez

39m | Mar 31, 2021

Last but not least, our 5th and final guest for our Women's History Month lineup is The Ethical Bridge.

Consumption is such a significant part of our lives and there's a lot of good we can do with our consumption power so that's why I really want us to talk about this.

Paty, Gaby, and Angie, of The Ethical Bridge, teach us about the principles of fair trade, what sustainability means to them, and the value of conscious consumerism. Whether it is thrifting, shopping your closet, or supporting social enterprises such as The Ethical Bridge, we can do a lot to make our marketplace more ethical and sustainable.

We also touch on the influence and values from our own individual cultures and the preservation of traditions, as a way of promoting slow fashion, the use of natural materials, and strengthening our global community together.

You can find The Ethical Bridge here:

IG: the_ethical_bridge

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