S03 EP3 - A New American Majority - Tram Nguyen, New Virginia Majority

Season 3 | Episode 3
29m | Oct 15, 2023

As we approach 2024, the upcoming presidential election looms on the horizon. During these election times, we are bombarded with messages to vote, vote, vote! This often leaves us pondering the actual impact of our vote. How much can our vote actually effect our daily lives? How about what is currently happening in the news? How do we even know who and what to vote for? And what about the 4 years in between each presidential election?

Tram Nguyen, Co-founder and Director of the New Virginia Majority, answers these questions and more in this episode about an emerging demographic of voters... you. Tune in to discover the power of your vote and how to make sure you're ready for the ballots.

You can find New Virginia Majority here:

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