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What Gives?

Welcome to the What Gives? podcast where we have conversations and hear real stories from organizations and individuals on how they are changing their communities. With years of nonprofit and community building experience, our host, Viv, leads us in conversations with people who have dedicated their lives and careers to creating safer, inclusive, kinder, greener, equitable and more just communities.

If you are seeking to get involved in a cause that speaks to you or you are looking to learn about a new and native solutions to our most pressing social and humanitarian issues, join us weekly at What Gives?


#12 - Blasian March, Solidarity In AAPI Communities - with Rohan Zhou-Lee
Show Details28min 54s
#11 - APIAvote, AAPI Voices & Votes - with Christine Chen
Show Details27min 4s
#10 - The Slants Foundation, APAHM + Art + Activism - with Simon Tam
Show Details27min 30s
#9 - The Ethical Bridge, Conscious Consumerism - with Patricia Chourio, Angelica Pimentel, & Gaby Martinez
Show Details39min 13s
#8 - Aunt Flow, Changing The World One Cycle At A Time - with Claire Coder
Show Details27min 44s
#7 - GiGi's Playhouse, Celebrating Individuals with Down Syndrome - with Heather Rodriguez
Show Details30min 57s
#6 - Catalyst Foundation, It Takes A Village - with Caroline Nguyen Ticarro
Show Details29min 18s
#5 - The Unconscious Bias Project, Thoughts to Action - with Dr. Linet Mera
Show Details32min 44s
#4 - My Block My Hood My City, Taking Care Of Your Neighbors - with Ernesto Gonzalez & Nathan Cordero
Show Details27min 13s
Bonus Episode - Part 2: Anti-Blackness in Asian Communities - with Angela Lin & Consuela Hendricks
Show Details25min 58s
Bonus Episode - Part 1: On Violence Against Asians - with Edward Raya
Show Details23min 22s
#3 - Building Education, From Self & Heart to Service - with Wendy Shew
Show Details28min 41s
#2 - Vocational Guidance Services, Towards An Accessible World - with April Walker
Show Details33min 24s
#1 - Breakthrough, From Storytelling To Culture Change - with Priya Kvam & Jason Fluegge
Show Details39min 53s
Show Details1min 2s