• S03 EP11 - The Heart of DEI: Beyond Credentials - Chiany Dri of The Inclusion School

    In this episode, we are joined by Chiany, the founder of the Inclusion School, to explore the transformative potential of humanizing the DEI industry. Chiany shares her profound insights on how this shift within DEI initiatives can create more compassionate and effective frameworks beyond credentials, metrics, and quotas. We delve into practical strategies for implementing these approaches, ensuring that inclusivity goes beyond mere policy or statistics to become a deeply lived experience.

    We also discuss the critical intersections of DEI with all social issues and learn why these initiatives are essential for fostering equity and justice in our communities and beyond. Through this conversation, you’ll understand the profound impact of an embodied DEI framework and how it can drive meaningful and sustainable change across various environments, from workplaces to educational institutions. Tune in to gain valuable insights on how to revolutionize DEI efforts through a holistic and humanistic lens and join us in the movement towards creating more equitable and inclusive spaces for all.

    You can find The Inclusion School here:


    S3E11 - 35m - Jun 15, 2024
  • S03 EP10 - Teaching the Next Generation Philanthropy - Meg George of George Philanthropy Group

    Join us in a thoughtful conversation with Meg George, President of the George Philanthropy Group and children’s book author, as we delve into the art of teaching the next generation about the essence of giving and the evolving landscape of philanthropy. In this episode, Meg shares her deep expertise and personal journey in the world of philanthropy. We explore key questions surrounding how to instill the values of generosity and empathy in young minds and how these principles shape the future of giving. Meg provides invaluable perspectives on the evolving nature of philanthropy and we discuss innovative approaches and strategies that can inspire and engage the next generation to become active contributors of change. Tune in as we uncover new pathways to inspire young hearts and minds toward a brighter, more compassionate world.

    You can find the George Philanthropy Group here:


    S3E10 - 31m - May 15, 2024
  • S03 EP9 - Beyond the Spectrum: Navigating Neurodiversity - Alyssa of You Me Neurodiversity

    It's Neurodiversity Awareness Month! So for this month's episode, we dive into the fascinating world of neurodiversity and explore how we can better celebrate and integrate diverse neurological experiences into our society. Neurodiversity refers to the natural variation in human brain function and behavior. Our conversation unpacks the misconceptions surrounding neurodivergence and highlights the strengths and unique perspectives that neurodiverse individuals bring to our communities.

    Our guests share personal stories and professional insights, illustrating the importance of moving beyond mere tolerance towards genuine celebration of neurodiversity. We explore the role of awareness, destigmatization, and social interactions in promoting inclusivity for all neurotypes. From adapting educational approaches to accommodate diverse learning styles to intervention strategies that value cognitive diversity, we explore tangible ways to foster acceptance and appreciation for neurodiversity.

    Join us as we delve into neurodiversity and discover how embracing neurodiversity can lead to a more compassionate and innovative society. Whether you are a parent, educator, employer, or simply curious about understanding diverse minds, this episode offers valuable perspectives on building a world where everyone's unique neurological makeup is respected and celebrated.

    You can find You Me Neurodiversity here:


    32m - Apr 15, 2024
  • S03 EP8 - Power to the Working People - Elana & Teresa of Rural People's Voice

    In this episode, we delve deep into the often-overlooked realm of rural politics and the strategies behind building political power in these communities. Join us in conversation with Elana Mainer and Teresa Bendito of Rural People’s Voice, seasoned advocates for rural empowerment.

    Together, we uncover the challenges of rural political dynamics, sharing stories about organizations like Rural People’s Voice reshaping the narrative and driving change in areas often overshadowed by urban centers. From cultivating local leadership to forging alliances across diverse communities and landscapes, this episode offers a roadmap for harnessing the untapped potential of rural America.

    Whether you're a rural activist, community leader, or simply curious about the power dynamics in America's heartlands, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in as we sow the seeds of political empowerment and cultivate a future where rural voices are heard loud and clear.

    You can find Rural People's Voice here:


    IG: @rural_peoples_voice

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/ruralpeoplesvoice

    S3E8 - 37m - Mar 15, 2024
  • S03 EP7 - Find Your Place in the Ecosystem - Jazz Kerr, Farm School NYC

    In this episode "Find Your Place in the Ecosystem," we delve into urban agriculture and the way it can fill the gaps in our food systems. Meet @Farm School NYC, an organization with the mission to train NYC residents in urban agriculture, build self-reliant communities, and inspire positive local action around food sovereignty and social, economic, and racial justice.

    Join us as we sit down with Jazz Kerr to unpack food access, health, climate, racial, and social justice, and how we have the opportunity to support he folks addressing these issues at urban community gardens or farms near you. Discover the stories of individuals and communities who work to bridge the gap between urban residents and the sources of their sustenance and health. We'll uncover the ripple effects of urban agriculture on public health, community development, environmental sustainability, and social justice. 

    In discussing all the benefits of urban agriculture, we can't forget to uplift the ancestors that guide us in this work, as well as the community that stewards it now: @rocksteadyfarm @riseandrootfarm @catalystcollaborativefarm @sweetfreedomfarm @comidapalpueblo @southbronxfoodhubcollective @ayniherbfarm @bxpemarket

    Tune in to this episode to learn how urban agriculture is not only feeding, nurturing and seeding hope for a greener, more equitable future in our communities.

    You can find Farm School NYC here:


    IG: @farmschool_nyc

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/farmschoolnyc/

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/school/farm-school-nyc/

    S3E7 - 30m - Feb 15, 2024
  • S03 EP6 - Decolonizing Grief - Kayla Carter & Carmen Galvin, The BIPOC Death & Grief Talk

    In this powerful podcast episode, join us on a journey of introspection and empathy as we explore the theme of decolonizing grief. Our conversation delves into the intersection of cultural heritage, generational trauma, and the deeply personal experience of loss. We engage with insightful stories and perspectives, shedding light on the impact of colonial legacies on diverse communities' grieving processes.

    Together with death guides, Kayla Carter and Carmen Galvin, we navigate the complexities of mourning in a world shaped by colonial histories. From reclaiming traditional mourning practices to fostering healing spaces, we discuss strategies for healing and understanding our messy grief. This episode invites you to reconsider how navigate loss. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which we can collectively work towards a more inclusive and compassionate approach to grief.

    BIPOC Death & Grief Talk is a collective care group that supports BIPOC folks through grief and loss.

    You can find them here:

    IG: @bipocdeathgrieftalk

    S3E6 - 42m - Jan 15, 2024
  • S03 EP5 - Solidarity with the South - Sandra Silva, Thousand Currents

    This month, we are taking a global lense on things! We caught up with Sandra Silva, Regional Director of Latin America and the Caribbean at Thousand Currents, as she gives us a lesson in climate justice, economic justice, and food sovereignty.

    Since 1985, Thousand Currents resources frontline, grassroots, and social movement groups and communities in Africa, Asia & the Pacific, and Latin America & the Caribbean. They serve as a pioneering example of how philanthropy can build trust and follow the lead of movement and community partners.

    If you are interested in learning about movements in the global south and the opportunities to build solidarity from wherever you are, tune in!

    You can find Thousand Currents and Silva here:


    IG: @thousand_currents or @dritasilva

    X: @1000currents or @dritasilva

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thousandcurrents/

    S3E5 - 30m - Dec 15, 2023
  • S03 EP4 - Generations of Giving - Andine Sutarjadi, 21/64

    Happy National Philanthropy Day!

    As volunteers, donors, donor advisors, and philanthropists, there are many reasons we give (and even more causes to give to), but what truly connects us to our giving? Maybe we are giving to the communities from which we originate. Or maybe it's religious or obligation or tradition or location. Or maybe we are grappling with where our wealth and privileges come from.

    In this episode, Andine, Director at 21/64, guides us in finding the purpose and meaning behind our giving and using them to strategize toward the world we all dream of.

    So, WGP community, what drives you to give back?

    You can find 21/64 here:


    X: @2164buzz

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2164philanthropy/

    S3E4 - 32m - Nov 15, 2023
  • S03 EP3 - A New American Majority - Tram Nguyen, New Virginia Majority

    As we approach 2024, the upcoming presidential election looms on the horizon. During these election times, we are bombarded with messages to vote, vote, vote! This often leaves us pondering the actual impact of our vote. How much can our vote actually effect our daily lives? How about what is currently happening in the news? How do we even know who and what to vote for? And what about the 4 years in between each presidential election?

    Tram Nguyen, Co-founder and Director of the New Virginia Majority, answers these questions and more in this episode about an emerging demographic of voters... you. Tune in to discover the power of your vote and how to make sure you're ready for the ballots.

    You can find New Virginia Majority here:


    IG: @newvamajority

    X: @NewVAMajority

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newvirginiamajority/

    S3E3 - 29m - Oct 15, 2023
  • S03 EP2 - Realizing Just & Liberated Futures for Girls - Maheen Kaleem, G4GC

    With every single social issue, there is compounding effect on girls and gender-expansive youth of color - so as we continue to talk about racial justice, education, health, and even climate, how can we make sure this group doesn't fall through the cracks? But more importantly, how do we make sure we lift up the fact that movements, innovation, culture, and so much joy wouldn't even exist without them. In this episode, we talk to Maheen Kaleem from G4GC about how to center girls and gender-expansive youth of color and how doing this could really lead to a just and liberated future for all.

    You can find the Grantmakers for Girls of Color here:


    IG: @g4gc_org

    X: @G4GC_org

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grantmakersforgirlsofcolor/

    S3E2 - 33m - Sep 15, 2023
  • S03 EP1 - Let's Talk About Grief - Jesse Moss, Experience Camps

    WGP took a big break in 2023 because of heavy, personal grief. So we're starting this season off getting personal about loss and life.

    Approximately six million children in the U.S. will experience loss by the time they turn 18. But with the right support, grief can lead to resilience and connection. @experiencecamps sits down with us to teach us about how to talk about grief, support people grieving, how not to grief-shame, and the small things we can do for each other. Welcome back to WGP!

    You can find the Experience Camps here:


    IG: @experiencecamps

    Twitter: @ExperienceCamps

    TikTok: @experiencecamps

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/experiencecamps

    S3E1 - 31m - Aug 15, 2023
  • S02 EP7 - Our Shared Liberation - Charles Long, Movement For Black Lives

    Our last episode for the year is so fitting for looking forward to 2023 and beyond because this episode's guest is an organization that is actively imagining and fighting for new futures. A future where we are all safe and liberated.

    The Movement for Black Lives (M4BL)is a space for Black organizations across the country to debate and discuss the current political conditions, develop shared assessments of what political interventions are necessary in order to achieve key policy, cultural and political wins, convene organizational leadership in order to debate and co-create a shared movement wide strategy.

    To a new future.

    You can find M4BL here:


    IG: @mvmnt4blklives

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mvmt4bl

    Twitter: @Mvmnt4BlkLives

    28m - Dec 15, 2022
  • S02 EP6 - Every Child - Parvathi Santhosh-Kumar, StriveTogether

    14.8 million children and counting, StriveTogether is improving the education and economic mobility of communities throughout the country. This week, we're lucky enough to sit down with Parv Santhosh-Kumar, VP of Equitable Outcomes, to learn just how they do it.

    This episode is jam-packed with lessons on equitable outcomes, systems change thinking, and holistic transformation of communities. Together, we can all help build a world where a child's potential isn't dictated by their race, ethnicity, zip code, or circumstance.

    You can find StriveTogether here:


    IG: @strivetogether

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StriveTogether

    Twitter: @StriveTogether

    S2E6 - 31m - Dec 1, 2022
  • S02 EP5 - One Foot In the Future - Bisma Farzansyed, Yuan Wang, Lavender Phoenix

    In this episode, we talk Queer API power! Bisma Farzansyed and Yuan Wang from Bay Area's Lavender Phoenix share with us the strength in community, the importance of uplifting our histories, and how to live with one foot in the future.

    Lavender Phoenix builds transgender, non-binary, and queer API power. They empower and train grassroots leaders to build transformative, intersectional movements through leadership training, community safety training, healing work, movement building and more. And this week, we get a snippet of that wisdom. Tune in!

    You can find LavNix here:


    IG: @lavphoenix

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lavphoenix

    Twitter: @lav_phoenix

    30m - Nov 15, 2022
  • S02 EP4 - Political Literacy 101 - with Ellisa Brown, Civic Essentials

    Political literacy is essential to impact, equity, and justice. Ellisa Brown, founder of Civic Essentials, teaches us the basics of political literacy and how we can begin to make an actual difference in our local politics. We talk about how the government was designed, access to political knowledge, and why it's important now more than ever to build an informed citizenry to create impact for those that need it most.

    You can find Civic Essentials here:


    IG: @civicessentials

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/civicessentials

    Twitter: @CivicEssentials

    S2E4 - 32m - Oct 15, 2022
  • S02 EP3 - What Is Racial Literacy? - with Robbie Atkinson, The Foundation of Inter-Ethnic Restoration

    As we begin to realize and acknowledge that racial inequity undergirds all issues in society today, I invited our friends at the the Foundation of Inter-Ethnic Restoration (FIER) to teach us about racial literacy. In this episode, Robbie Atkinson, founder, teaches us the four types of racism, defines for us what racial trauma and racial gaslighting is, gives us the building blocks of racial literacy and we share some stories about overcoming racial trauma together.

    You can find FIER here:


    IG: @fieratlanta

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fieratlanta/

    Take action: https://linktr.ee/fieratlanta

    S2E3 - 30m - Oct 1, 2022
  • S02 EP2 - Neighborhood Dreamers - with Jasmine Lopez, The Firehouse Dream

    In this episode, Jasmine Lopez, founder of The Firehouse Dream talks to us about dreaming of a better future for our communities. TFD, recipient of the Sony Create Action Grant Award, provides a safe space in Maywood, IL for young adults to discover and nurture their creativity - providing mentorship, studio space, supplies, programs, etc. We also talk about gentrification, the "brain drain" of neighborhoods, YA/BIPOC mental health, our own dreams and so much more. Tune in!

    You can find the The Firehouse Dreams here:


    IG: @thefirehousedream

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefirehousedream

    Take action: https://www.thefirehousedream.org/volunteer

    Give: https://www.thefirehousedream.org/give

    S2E2 - 29m - Jul 14, 2022
  • S02 EP1 - With Love & Care - with Carey Candrian, Lesbian Health Fund

    Pride started as a riot and the fight continues. We are celebrating Pride this month by welcoming Carey Candrian from the Lesbian Health Fund and the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association.

    In this episode, we learn about groundbreaking research that is demystifying misconceptions and providing insights into the distinctive (often unmet) health and wellness needs of the LGBTQIA2+ community. It's a fight not only for the right to marry but for every individual to be able to live a full life of health, wellness, and true love - and LHF & GLMA are providing the research to get us there.

    Welcome back to WGP & happy PRIDE!

    You can find the Lesbian Health Fund here:


    IG: @lesbianhealthfund

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LHFResearch

    Twitter: @LesbianHealthFd

    Take action: https://www.lesbianhealthfund.org/take-action

    S2E1 - 26m - Jun 29, 2022
  • S01 EP13 - Our Stories - with John Xu, East Side Stories

    Continuing our celebration of Asian voices, stories, and organizations for APAHM - we welcome John Xu of East Side Stories to the podcast!

    In this episode, we share our upbringing in the Midwest, our personal experiences, and the importance of our stories as Asian Americans. It's time y'all hear our stories! Happy APAHM!

    You can find East Side Stories here:

    Website: https://www.eastsidestories.org/

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/EastSideStories

    IG: @EastSideStoriesNYC

    John's IG: @iamjohnxu

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EastSideStoriesNYC/

    Email: hello@eastsidestories.org

    S1E13 - 29m - May 28, 2021
  • S01 EP12 - Solidarity In AAPI Communities - with Rohan Zhou-Lee, Blasian March

    Continuing our celebration of Asian voices, stories, and organizations for APAHM - we welcome Rohan Zhou-Lee, Founder of Blasian March to the podcast!

    In this episode, we get candid about our Asian identities, intersectionality, solidarity, and the celebration of who we are. Happy APAHM!

    You can find Blasian March here:

    IG: @BlasianMarchNY

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlasianMarch/

    Twitter: @BlasianMarch

    S1E12 - 28m - May 20, 2021
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