S03 EP7 - Find Your Place in the Ecosystem - Jazz Kerr, Farm School NYC

Season 3 | Episode 7
30m | Feb 15, 2024

In this episode "Find Your Place in the Ecosystem," we delve into urban agriculture and the way it can fill the gaps in our food systems. Meet @Farm School NYC, an organization with the mission to train NYC residents in urban agriculture, build self-reliant communities, and inspire positive local action around food sovereignty and social, economic, and racial justice.

Join us as we sit down with Jazz Kerr to unpack food access, health, climate, racial, and social justice, and how we have the opportunity to support he folks addressing these issues at urban community gardens or farms near you. Discover the stories of individuals and communities who work to bridge the gap between urban residents and the sources of their sustenance and health. We'll uncover the ripple effects of urban agriculture on public health, community development, environmental sustainability, and social justice. 

In discussing all the benefits of urban agriculture, we can't forget to uplift the ancestors that guide us in this work, as well as the community that stewards it now: @rocksteadyfarm @riseandrootfarm @catalystcollaborativefarm @sweetfreedomfarm @comidapalpueblo @southbronxfoodhubcollective @ayniherbfarm @bxpemarket

Tune in to this episode to learn how urban agriculture is not only feeding, nurturing and seeding hope for a greener, more equitable future in our communities.

You can find Farm School NYC here:

IG: @farmschool_nyc



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