S03 EP6 - Decolonizing Grief - Kayla Carter & Carmen Galvin, The BIPOC Death & Grief Talk

Season 3 | Episode 6
42m | Jan 15, 2024

In this powerful podcast episode, join us on a journey of introspection and empathy as we explore the theme of decolonizing grief. Our conversation delves into the intersection of cultural heritage, generational trauma, and the deeply personal experience of loss. We engage with insightful stories and perspectives, shedding light on the impact of colonial legacies on diverse communities' grieving processes.

Together with death guides, Kayla Carter and Carmen Galvin, we navigate the complexities of mourning in a world shaped by colonial histories. From reclaiming traditional mourning practices to fostering healing spaces, we discuss strategies for healing and understanding our messy grief. This episode invites you to reconsider how navigate loss. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which we can collectively work towards a more inclusive and compassionate approach to grief.

BIPOC Death & Grief Talk is a collective care group that supports BIPOC folks through grief and loss.

You can find them here:

IG: @bipocdeathgrieftalk

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