S03 EP10 - Teaching the Next Generation Philanthropy - Meg George of George Philanthropy Group

Season 3 | Episode 10
31m | May 15, 2024

Join us in a thoughtful conversation with Meg George, President of the George Philanthropy Group and children’s book author, as we delve into the art of teaching the next generation about the essence of giving and the evolving landscape of philanthropy. In this episode, Meg shares her deep expertise and personal journey in the world of philanthropy. We explore key questions surrounding how to instill the values of generosity and empathy in young minds and how these principles shape the future of giving. Meg provides invaluable perspectives on the evolving nature of philanthropy and we discuss innovative approaches and strategies that can inspire and engage the next generation to become active contributors of change. Tune in as we uncover new pathways to inspire young hearts and minds toward a brighter, more compassionate world.

You can find the George Philanthropy Group here:

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