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The Querida Marí Podcast

The Querida Mari podcast is made with the Latina Mujer in mind. It is a place for your inner child to learn/unlearn life lessons that are no longer serving your adult Self. This is the place we heal Generational Trauma.

Come as you are, take space, make yourself a cafecito and let's get started!

Meet me in the next episode.

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22. WHY do I keep doing what I'm doing, dating the same asshole, can't take in compliments?
Show Details11min 14s
21. How to Rock The Boat Within Your Relationship
Show Details11min
20. Why Is It So Difficult to Set Healthy Boundaries?
Show Details18min 59s
19. Healing Your Feelings Of Abandonment - Part 2
Show Details18min 27s
18. How to heal feelings of abandonment - Part 1
Show Details22min 55s
17. Unwanted Symptoms Of InterGenerational Trauma
Show Details12min 59s
Show Details20min 58s
15. 3 Ways to ReConnect With Yourself And Build Your Self-Esteem
Show Details21min 47s
14. How to listen to your child
Show Details15min 5s
13. 4 Tips On How to Communicate Your Needs & Wants
Show Details16min 44s
12. How to take responsibility for what you feel
Show Details15min 54s
11. Identifying and expressing your feelings
Show Details13min 35s
10. What is non-violent communication?
Show Details36min 1s
9. What is communication?
Show Details29min 55s
8. Q&A Friday
Show Details17min 45s
7. How to set boundaries with your parents
Show Details30min 1s
6. How to have better boundaries with your children
Show Details46min 58s
5. How to take your power back from a narcissist
Show Details19min 41s
4. How to spot a narcissit
Show Details23min 12s
3. What are boundaries?
Show Details28min 18s
2. WHY The Querida Mari Podcast
Show Details4min 14s
Show Details3min 7s