• S11:E10 - May Life Lessons

    So much happened in May and I want to share it with you! 

    I talk about the challenges and rewards of the year ahead. I share my thoughts on confrontation, negotiation, learning, mindfulness, and perspective. I also discuss the importance of joy and the power of creating your own reality.

    This is for anyone who is looking for inspiration, guidance, and support. It is a reminder that we are all capable of overcoming challenges and achieving our goals, and that the journey is just as important as the destination.

    I also want to say thank you for the support along this journey. For those of you that listen or watch, I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

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    13m | Jun 2, 2023
  • S11:E9 - The Power of Rituals with Chinese Traditional Medicine Specialist Dr. Tâmara Castelo

    Have you ever noticed how often, performing the smallest, routine tasks—rituals, if you will—can have a ripple effect that results in a big transformation? Keeping a journal, drinking tea, lighting a candle, taking daily walks, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are just a few examples of simple, routine steps that might deliver a major impact physically or mentally over time. Tâmara’s new book The Power of Rituals walks readers through how to determine their biotype and, based on that, create a personal plan with easy, repetitive tasks designed to rebalance sleep, manage stress, reduce anxiety, and end toxic thoughts. 

    Listen in as Olivia interviews Dr. Castelo, you will walk away feeling empowered, calm and confident to handle anything life throws your way.

    Dr. Tâmara Castelo is a specialist in Chinese Traditional Medicine and the CEO of Tâmara Castelo Clinic (Lisbon and Porto), TMC Health, TMC Holistic and TMC Jewellery. At her clinic, Tâmara treats sleep disorders, thyroid disorders, intestine diseases, anxiety, migraines, and hormonal problems, and takes a holistic approach to healing. She is the author of Healing Without Medicine, Eating Without Guilt, and Full Balance—all winners of Gourmand awards. She lives in Lisbon.

    Connect with Dr. Castelo

    web: Tamara-Castelo.com

    fb: dratamaracastelo

    insta: @tamara–castelo

    twitter: @tamara_castelo

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    29m | May 31, 2023
  • S11:E8 - How to Increase Your Confidence in Sales

    Do you find yourself struggling to close sales? Do you feel like you're not confident enough in your abilities?

    If so, you're not alone. Many people, including myself have struggled with confidence, and it can be a major obstacle to success.

    In this short episode I share 5 tips that are foundational for increasing your confidence in sales. I hope you take this seriously and I'm praying for your success.

    Let me know if you found this helpful

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    3m | May 26, 2023
  • S11:E7 -Take Your Team to the Next Level with MindVue and Dr. Brian Davidson

    Just in time for Mental Health Awareness month! In this conversational episode, Dr. Davidson and Olivia discuss the importance of mindset in achieving success. Dr. Davidson share his insight on how to develop a growth mindset, how to overcome challenges, and how to create a culture of success.

    Dr. Davidson also discusses the MindVue Profile assessment, which is a tool that can help individuals and teams identify their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan for improvement.

    Dr. Brian Davidson is the founder and president of MindVue, a company that helps businesses, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, sports teams, and the military in maximizing human performance.

    Dr. Davidson is a frequent writer on the topics of mindsets, mental wellness, and performance optimization.

    Dr. Davidson graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Iowa with High Distinction and Honors, earning a degree in psychology and a teaching endorsement in secondary education.

    Dr. Davidson holds a master's degree in counseling psychology and a doctorate (with Honors) in educational leadership and policy studies, both from the University of Kansas.

    This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to take their team to the next level.

    MindVue: https://www.mindvue.com/

    Dr. Brian Davidson: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-davidson-0273a5b6/

    36m | May 24, 2023
  • S11:E6 -How to Build Confidence to Have Tough Conversations as a People Pleaser

    Do you find yourself avoiding conflict and confrontation? Do you often put others' needs before your own? If so, you may be a people pleaser. People pleasing is a common behavior that can have a negative impact on our lives. It can lead to feelings of resentment, anxiety, and stress.

    Tough conversations are a necessary part of life. They can be difficult, but they are often essential for resolving conflict, improving communication, and building stronger relationships. People pleasers may find tough conversations especially challenging, but there are steps they can take to build the confidence to have them.

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    4m | May 19, 2023
  • S11:E5 -What's Your Life Plan? - What to Look for in an Estate Attorney with Jolene Blackbourn

    In this episode, Olivia interviews Jolene Blackbourn, a California estate planning attorney, about what to look for in an estate attorney. They discuss the importance of finding an attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate. They also talk about the different types of estate planning documents that you may need, and how to make sure that your estate plan is tailored to your specific needs.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of their age or financial situation.
    • It is important to find an estate attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate.
    • There are many different types of estate planning documents, and it is important to make sure that your plan is tailored to your specific needs.

    Guest Bio:

    Jolene Blackbourn is a California estate planning attorney who has been practicing law for over 20 years. She is passionate about helping her clients protect their assets and ensure that their wishes are carried out after they die. She has two special needs kids and two dogs. In her spare time she loves reading, playing soccer and exploring LA. She also is a published author of three books that help pre-law students.

    Jolene is a member of the State Bar of California and the National Association of Estate Planning Counsel. She is also a Certified Financial Planner™ professional.


    • Jolene Blackbourn's website: https://www.joleneblackbourn.com/
    • https://www.instagram.com/joleneestates/
    • The National Association of Estate Planning Counsel: https://www.naepc.org/
    • The State Bar of California: https://www.calbar.ca.gov/
    • The Certified Financial Planner™ Board of Standards: https://www.cfp.net/

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    32m | May 17, 2023
  • S11:E4 - Increase Your Confidence in the Bedroom: Game Changers for Spiritually Conservative Women

    Are you a spiritually conservative woman looking to increase your confidence in the bedroom and enjoy a more fulfilling sex life? Look no further than this podcast episode. Sharing a few tips game changers that can transform your sexual experiences.

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    4m | May 12, 2023
  • S11:E3 - Get Your Business Organized with Be The Wiser CEO - Pam Weiser

    Imagine if you were able to get back an hour or two that you lost because you didn't have to focus on doing the less important daily tasks or projects. Wouldn't that be awesome?

    With over 20 years of experience as an Executive Assistant and Operations Manager, Pam Weiser discusses the benefits of prioritization, time management, delegation of tasks, and business organization, to help business leaders maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.

    If you want to learn best practices for productivity and get back to doing what's most important, this episode is for you.

    Connect with Pam -



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    24m | May 10, 2023
  • S11:E2 - Life Update & Healing Journey Part 1

    This is really unfiltered. Listen in as I share how life is really going.

    Some of the topics covered in this episode are - Trauma, Suicide, My new found superpower, mindset shifts, affirmations, healing process, God, abundance expansion activities and what a day in the life looks like for me.

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    18m | May 5, 2023
  • S11:E1 - Find Your Superpower with Personal Branding Image Expert & TEDx Speaker Sandy Grigsby

    Tired of the idea of being "that girl" and more interested in stepping into your own power? This one's for you. Listen in as Olivia interviews Sandy Grigsby.

    Sandy is one of the world’s top personal branding image experts,

    shares the most dynamic tool you can develop to improve your personal

    brand and online image instantly – confidence!

    As a TEDx and international speaker, Sandy has spoken before tens of

    thousands of people on radio, tv, magazines, podcasts, and stages all

    over the globe. Her experience includes over 20 years of online personal

    brand development and personal branding photography.

    Listen in as she shares what it really takes to find your superpower and start living the life you've always wanted.

    Connect with Sandy


    TikTok: @sandyinfocus.com

    Instagram: @sandyinfocus

    Facebook: @sandyinfocus

    Pinterest: @sandyinfocus

    YouTube: @sandyinfocus

    LinkedIn: Sandy Grigsby

    Twitter: @sandyinfocus

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    32m | May 3, 2023
  • S10:E20 - Season 10 Recap and Preview to Season 11

    Thank you for another amazing season!

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    9m | Apr 12, 2023
  • S10:E19 - Put an End to Arguing Forever with Psychotherapists and Relationship Counselors Linda & Charlie Bloom

    Trained as psychotherapists and relationship counselors, Linda & Charlie Bloom have worked with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations since 1975 and have lectured and taught at learning institutes throughout the USA and internationally, including the Esalen Institute, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Northern California Mindfulness Institute, The California Institute for Integral Studies, and the World Health Organization.

    They have authored five books, including the best seller, 101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married: Simple Lessons to Make Love Last (over 100,000 sold), Secrets of Great Marriages, Happily Ever After... and 39 Other Myths about Love, That which Doesn't Kill Us: How One Couple Became Stronger at the Broken Places, and An End to Arguing: 101 Valuable Lessons for All Relationships.

    They are founders and co-directors of Bloomwork, based in Santa Cruz, California.


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    35m | Apr 5, 2023
  • S10:E18 - 90 Day Review of Motherhood

    Listen in as I share the first 90 days of motherhood. This may be the most unfiltered podcast yet. . .

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    16m | Mar 31, 2023
  • S10:E17 -Hustle Culture & the Great Resignation with Ex-CMO & The WSJ's Poster Girl for Pandemic Burnout Sara McElroy

    If you consider yourself a high achieving woman you need to give this episode a listen.

    3 things you'll learn, 

    - How to identify if and when to leave your current job. 

    - Signs of burnout 

    - How to rest and reset if you are burnout.

     Sara McElroy is a former hustle culture devotee, ex-chief marketing officer, the Wall Street Journal’s poster girl for pandemic career burnout, and a two-time member of the Great Resignation: class of 2021 and 2022. Following a stress-induced shingles diagnosis in early 2021, Sara decided to hit the reset button on her life; she quit her hard-won CMO job and trekked to Peru's Sacred Valley to reset her frayed nervous system.

    When she returned, she relocated from the buzzy metropolis of Atlanta to the beach in South Florida for a new job and a fresh start. But she once again encountered deeply ingrained cultural issues in her new role, and ultimately, she walked away again. Finding herself in the company of millions of other women who also set unfulfilling jobs ablaze during the Great Resignation, she returned to her journalism roots and began to explore the stories, breaking points, and defining moments that led women to seek greater opportunity mid-pandemic.

    These conversations became the genesis of Raze to Rise – an organization created to amplify women’s voices from the Great Resignation and inspire others to blaze new trails in their own careers.

    Connect with Sara




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    41m | Mar 29, 2023
  • S10:E16 - How to be Lazy and Productive

    Want to know how to get the most out of a lazy day? This episode is for you!

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    5m | Mar 24, 2023
  • S10:E15 - Crush Your Limiting Beliefs with Podcast Host, Keynote Speaker, and Chief People Officer Erica Rooney

    Are you the one in your own way? Is the way you speak with yourself empowering, or is it negative and degrading? Learn how to crush your limiting beliefs and step into your power. Listen in as Olivia interviews Erica Rooney.

    Erica is the Host of the podcast, From Now to Next, Keynote Speaker, and Chief People Officer. She has an amazing personality and is a great communicator.

    Connect with Erica

    Facebook: https://urlgeni.us/facebook/fromNOWtoNEXTtribe

    Apple Pod:


    TikTik: https://urlgeni.us/tiktok/fromNOWtoNEXT

    LinkedIN: https://urlgeni.us/linkedin/EricaRooney

    IG: https://urlgeni.us/instagram/fromNOWtoNEXT

    Pinterest: https://urlgeni.us/pinterest/fromNOWtoNEXT

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    32m | Mar 22, 2023
  • S10:E14 - Set Up Systems in Your Life to Increase Your Productivity

    Want to accomplish some major goals this year? Use systems to increase your productivity and effectiveness.

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    4m | Mar 17, 2023
  • S10:E13 - Gain Empowerment Through Clarity with International Coach & Professional Speaker Patricia Sloan

    From Patricia Sloan - There is nothing more satisfying, more empowering, than overcoming what holds you back — and helping others do the same! I am so grateful because my life has been completely transformed. I get to help my clients around the world do the same. Today, I am an International Coach, Professional Speaker, and Founder of Patty Sloan Coaching, LLC. I am known as the as the “Radical Change Coach for Audacious Results.” I am a Certified Life Coach, Certified Integrative Life and Wellness Coach, and a Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner. I have created step-by-step systems so my clients can release old habits and negative thoughts, and effectively create RADICAL success in their life. I love seeing my clients experience their breakthroughs and aha moments. When the light bulb goes on and they see their experience differently, they realize that they have options. It is what wakes me up and gets me out of bed. I love sharing my tool box that they can use for the rest of their life and open themselves up to what is possible for their future. No matter where they come from they are deserving to live an audacious life.

    Connect with Patricia




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    55m | Mar 15, 2023
  • S10:E12 - Doing Less Is More Productive

    Sometimes we can get caught up in overcomplicating our lives, which can lead to unnecessary stress and frustration. Listen in to learn how to make the largest impact with the least amount of effort.

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    5m | Mar 10, 2023
  • S10:E11 - The Importance of Stepping Into Your Purpose with CEO, Award-Winning Instructional Designer, & Author Tai Goodwin

    There are people who can't step into their purpose until you step into yours. It takes courage to step into our purpose and doing so can be incredibly empowering. If you're feeling overwhelmed or scared, remember that you don't have to do it alone. If you have been on the fence about taking that big leap this, is the episode for you. Listen in as Olivia interviews Tai Goodwin.

    Tai is the CEO of That Marketing Team and the creator of Quiz and Grow Rich. She's an award-winning instructional designer with 20+ years of experience creating learning experiences and content for Fortune500 companies like Barnes & Noble and tech start-ups like LeadPages.

    Check out her website - www.thatmarketingteam.com

    Purchase her book -  https://www.amazon.com/Girlfriend-Its-Your-Time-Brilliance/dp/149085357X

    Connect with Olivia

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    49m | Mar 8, 2023
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