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Empowering women and supporting each other on the journey of life and business. 

Let’s show women they can still be a badass, make a difference in the world, leave a legacy, all while rocking their femininity. 


Speaking Your Truth with Amy Turner
Show Details44min 19s
From Disenchanted Princess to Empowered Queen with Sparrow Spaulding
Show Details54min 13s
Overcoming Money Blocks With Bonnie Gayle
Show Details46min 35s
Intro - Who Are We and What is This Podcast About Anyway?!
Show Details14min 20s
How to Leave an Abusive Relationship With Phd Student and Domestic Violence Surviver Marcia Roberts
Show Details1hr 9min
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome From the Perspective of a Black Woman in Business
Show Details49min 7s
How to Handle Mom Shame in 2020
Show Details27min 56s
How to Rebuild Your Life After Hitting Rock Bottom With Drug Addition
Show Details32min 20s