S11:E16 -Navigating the Teenage Terrain: Empowering Conversations for Parents and Teens with Family Life & Leadership Coach Nellie Harden

Season 11 | Episode 16
29m | Jul 5, 2023

Listen in as author, speaker, and Family Life & Leadership Coach, Nellie Harden, shares her expertise on guiding parents in loving and leading their teen/tween daughters.

Join Nellie as she empowers parents to cultivate a strong foundation of worth, esteem, and confidence in their daughters before they leave home. With her extensive background as a wife and mom to four teenage daughters, Nellie brings a wealth of personal experience, wisdom, and practical advice to the table. Drawing from her degree in biology and psychology, as well as her diverse behavior background from studying humpback whales in the South Pacific to supporting families worldwide, Nellie offers unique insights into parenting dynamics.

Through her podcast, Nellie inspires listeners to live with intention, transform dreams into realities, and make a positive impact one living room at a time. Join Nellie as she equips parents with the tools they need to navigate tough conversations, build strong relationships, and empower their teenage daughters to love and lead themselves.

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