S12:E12 - Launching a Successful Startup: Insights from Susie Taaffe, the Mastermind Behind Skanties Anti-Shapewear.

Season 12 | Episode 12
29m | Oct 18, 2023

Discover the inspiring journey of Susie Taaffe, the innovative entrepreneur behind the anti-shapewear movement, as we dive deep into her experiences and wisdom on launching a successful startup. In this episode, we explore the remarkable story of Susie and her brand, Skanties Anti-Shapewear, while discussing key topics that have shaped her entrepreneurial path.

🚫 The Anti-Shapewear Movement: Explore why it's making waves.

🔧 Managing Damaged Products: How setbacks became opportunities.

👩‍👦‍👦 Single Mother & Founder: Balancing parenthood with entrepreneurship.

📈 Ups and Downs of the Market: Adapting in a dynamic landscape.

💰 Managing Debt: Insights on financial challenges and resilience.

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