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The Art Of...

The Art Of... unveils the masterpiece that results from taking action for your own healing.

It upholds that by embracing our pain, worry, and the external world we can heal and create the life we want for ourselves. It invites in our messiness, and frankly, our humanity to highlight that our setbacks are cosmic setups for our ultimate ascension… if we choose to see them as such.

Your host, Lea Fisher, trauma survivor who emerged to become a multi-awarded Reflectionist artist, guides her listeners to unlock their creative capacity and design a life of holistic wellness. She holds space for shame-reducing conversations while promoting radical self-acceptance through honest and frank dialogue. As a Healing Curator, Lea also provides her audience with the raw materials they need to activate their self-healing.

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30. 49 and Falling in Love for the First Time ~ Solo Episode with Lea Fisher
Show Details29min 1s
29. Talking "Shit" with Suzy Batiz, Founder of Poo~Pourri and supernatural
Show Details58min 1s
Megan Benanti ~ The Tarot, Energy Healing and the Beautiful, Ever-Changing Road of the Creative Path
Show Details40min 37s
No Starving Artists Here!! A conversation with James Hart: Director of Social Innovation, Creative and Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU, Meadow's School of Art
Show Details43min 58s
26. Solo Episode ~ Summer Check In
Show Details16min 29s
Humans Healing by Being of Service to Animals: Norah Meier-Maroulis ~ Are your EARS burning?!?
Show Details36min 8s
24. Back to Health with Dr. Kristi Farrell
Show Details44min 7s
23. Alex Cohen and The Art of Personal Styling with Intention
Show Details43min 57s
22. Holistic Nutrition with Lauren Talbot C.N.
Show Details32min 15s
21. The Journey from Loneliness to Solitude
Show Details25min 38s
20. The Business of Helping with Dr. Tanisha Guy
Show Details37min 13s
19. Somatic Yoga & the Meditation of Embodiment with David Sunshine
Show Details43min 28s
18. Alchemizing Our Circumstances
Show Details18min 39s
17. Love, Relationships & Spiritual Evolution with Jeannette Breen
Show Details47min 31s
16. Creative Energy: Not Just for "Creatives"
Show Details26min 33s
15. Maybe I DO need those shoes!
Show Details20min 17s
14. Transforming Energy with Alexander Coronado
Show Details40min
13. The Art of Aging Well with Sonia Lovett
Show Details33min 10s
12. Being of Service: The Gift You Give to Yourself
Show Details26min 2s
Your Emotions Are People, Too
Show Details24min 35s
Creating New Realities: How to Rewire Your Brain
Show Details37min 13s
Working With, Not Against, Your Emotions
Show Details23min 26s
Dating With Devin: A Saga with Devin Savage
Show Details33min 39s
Recalibrating: Finding Your Way Back to Yourself
Show Details22min 59s
When Curiosity Leads to Healing with Shon Mondragon
Show Details40min 31s
Meditation: Transformation in the Stillness with Chelsey Charbeneau
Show Details36min 40s
The Art Of…Divorce with JD Miller
Show Details31min 13s
Who is the Healing Curator? I Share My Story
Show Details27min 56s
You Love Yourself More Than You Think You Do
Show Details20min 39s
Who is the Healing Curator?
Show Details21min 44s
The Art Of... - The Trailer
Show Details2min 21s