Megan Benanti ~ The Tarot, Energy Healing and the Beautiful, Ever-Changing Road of the Creative Path

Season 1 | Episode 28
40m | Aug 29, 2022

Megan Benanti has been a practicing psychic and intuitive energy healer for over 20 years in Dallas, TX. She has read for thousands of guests both privately and at events. She has been seen in various media publications, including NBC, Spectrum News, Paper City, and others. She focuses on helping others improve their quality of life by bringing attention to their soul’s work. She is a writer, committed gardener, creative soul, and a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.

In today's episode of The Art Of...

  • Megan's journey to working with the Tarot
  • How long-term therapy can lay a foundation for life skills
  • Megan's cancer and spiritual transition from doing healing work
  • Following the flow of intuitive hits
  • The beautiful ever-changing road of the creative path
  • The power of incorporating prayer in a daily spiritual practice
  • Maintaining peace in the midst of uncomfortable feelings


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