Stars Like Us: Astrology with Aliza Kelly

Are the stars really just like us? Join Aliza Kelly (celebrity astrologer, host, and author) as she explores mythology, magick, and pop culture in her weekly podcast, Stars Like Us. One-part astrology school and one-part talk show, each episode pairs relevant astrological subjects with an exclusive expert interview. Stars Like Us is a tool for illumination, inspiration, and laughter; a reminder that there's no such thing as destiny — it's all about direction.


EP67 Rick Levine: Meet the Wizard
Show Details1hr 1min
EP66 Kirah Tabourn: Expanding the Universe
Show Details1hr
EP65 Cogey Marx: Meme Extraordinaire
Show Details48min 41s
EP64 Kim Krans: Feeding the Wild Unknown (Eating Disorders and Recovery)
Show Details51min 4s
EP63 Dr. Lori Whatley: Therapist Confessions
Show Details41min 27s
EP62 Annie Grace: This Naked Mind
Show Details54min 6s
EP61 Caggie Dunlop: Saturn Returns
Show Details1hr
EP60 Becca Rea-Holloway: The Sweet Feminist
Show Details39min 32s
EP59 Laura McKowen: Addiction and Recovery
Show Details49min 35s
EP58 Alua Arthur: The Death Doula
Show Details49min 53s
EP57 Nadine Jane: The Power of Protest
Show Details48min 57s
EP56 Tarot By Maisy: Creative Divination
Show Details47min 11s
EP55 Miki Agrawal: The Entrepreneur
Show Details52min 22s
EP54 Ruby Warrington: The Numinous
Show Details53min 56s
EP53 Vienna Pharaon: Relationship Expert
Show Details47min 21s
EP52 Jen Winston: This is Political
Show Details54min 3s
EP51 Lindsay Mack: Soul Tarot
Show Details59min 49s
EP50 Erin Claire Jones: Human Design
Show Details43min 34s
EP49 Serena Kerrigan: F*cking Is My Middle Name
Show Details49min 53s
EP48 Taryn Toomey: Toning Your Trauma
Show Details51min 19s
EP47 Not All Geminis: Courtney Perkins
Show Details59min 25s
EP46 Drunkstrology: Meme Something
Show Details54min 18s
EP45 Alexandra Roxo: F*ck Like a Goddess
Show Details54min 16s
EP44 Hannah Berner: The Realest Bravolebrity
Show Details48min 15s
EP43 Chelsea Selby: Infused with Witch Baby Soap
Show Details1hr 1min
EP42 Serena Wolf: Cooking and Crying
Show Details46min 13s
EP41 Madame Clairevoyant: Celebrity Zodiac
Show Details52min 32s
EP40 Lissette Calveiro: Going Viral
Show Details51min 25s
EP39 We're Back, Baby
Show Details8min 45s
EP38 Veronica Varlow: Notes from the Love Witch
Show Details54min 58s
EP37 Ali Weiss: Apocalypse Now
Show Details49min 55s
EP36 Pam Grossman: Season of The Witch
Show Details47min 21s
EP35 Anne Ortelee: Real Astrology
Show Details50min 44s
EP34 Kristen Sollée: Cats as Slutty Witches
Show Details56min 16s
EP33 Mia Lardiere: Cosmos at Cosmopolitan Magazine
Show Details44min 15s
EP32 Remington Donovan: Numerology and Tarot
Show Details1hr 1min
EP31 Mitch Horowitz: Occult Expert
Show Details1hr 2min
EP30 Jake Register: Impeachment, Neptune, and Minor Aspects
Show Details54min 16s
EP29 Complete Chaos: Sara Dietschy
Show Details48min 22s
EP28 Discover Your Birth Chart: Rebecca Gordon
Show Details54min 56s
EP27 The Story of the Zodiac
Show Details27min 13s
EP26 Sex with a Bath Witch: Cameron Glover
Show Details47min 50s
EP25 Midheaven Magick: Megan Massacre
Show Details56min 5s
EP24 Between Two Worlds: The Leo King
Show Details53min 46s
EP23 Never Underrated: FRANKIE
Show Details26min 36s
EP22 Life in Drag: Pickle
Show Details56min 20s
EP21 SPECIAL: Aliza Kelly x What's Your Sign Podcast
Show Details47min 21s
EP20 Love Can Break Your Heart: Amy Ordman
Show Details23min 32s
EP19 Breaking Ancestral Curses: Marcella Kroll
Show Details47min 4s
EP18 All About Compatibility: Lindsey Metselaar (@WeMetAtAcme)
Show Details50min 4s
EP17 Eclipse Electricity: Colin Bedell (QueerCosmos)
Show Details1hr 3min
EP16 Canceling Twin Flames: Anna Toonk
Show Details50min 4s
EP15 Caroline Calloway: In-Depth Interview
Show Details33min 51s
EP14 So, You Think You're An Empath?: Emilia Ortiz
Show Details56min 8s
EP13 Synchronicity and Sensitivity: Steph Koyfman (The Daily Hunch)
Show Details35min 3s
EP12 Lunar Vibrations: Lisa Stardust
Show Details34min 12s
EP11 Hard Aspects, Best Life: Natalia Benson
Show Details39min 51s
EP10 Sex, Death, and Weed: Gabriela Herstik
Show Details47min 8s
EP9 Unabashed Abundance: Gala Darling
Show Details36min 54s
EP8 Revolutionary Witchcraft: Sarah Lyons
Show Details1hr
EP7 As Above, So Below: Mecca Woods
Show Details46min 42s
EP6 Cosmic Tea: Ophira Edut (The AstroTwins)
Show Details1hr 7min
EP5 Badass Self-Care: Jerico Mandybur
Show Details31min 42s
EP4 Welcome Back Saturn: Emily Meade
Show Details39min 14s
EP3 The Moon and Magick: Sarah Potter
Show Details33min 36s
EP2 Create Your Life: Anka Lavriv
Show Details45min 37s
EP1 We Stan Astrology: Alby Toribio
Show Details38min 32s
TRAILER: Stars Like Us
Show Details2min 27s