EP142 Ashley Gavin: We're Having Gay Sex

59m | Jan 24, 2022

***CONTENT WARNING: Mentions of discrimination towards gay people, hate speech, depression, suicide.***

Aliza Kelly connects with Ashley Gavin (Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon, Sagittarius Rising), comedian, actor, writer, and host of the podcast We’re Having Gay Sex. In this episode, Ashley opens up about her experience as the first openly gay comedian performing on Carnival Cruise Line and the discrimination she has faced as a queer performer. Aliza and Ashley discuss being gay, coming out, and cultivating compassion. They attempt to unpack why men hate astrology and love Joe Rogan. Ashley explains the magic she experiences while performing stand-up comedy on stage, and Aliza pulls a tarot card to provide insight on one of Ashley’s up-and-coming work projects.

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