EP146 Michele Knight: Words Are Spells

52m | Feb 21, 2022

Aliza Kelly connects with Michele Knight (Aries Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising), astrologer, psychic, tarot reader, and warrior of love. In this episode, Michele and Aliza explore the ins and outs of metaphysical practice. They each explain how they weave their psychic abilities into their work and lives, highlighting the importance of distinguishing intuitive messages from anxious or mundane thoughts. They answer listeners’ questions, addressing the ways in which to protect your energy during a reading, fortify your boundaries, practice integrity, and nurture yourself and others based on Moon signs. Michele tells Aliza about the centrality of magic in her life, and Aliza pulls a tarot card to illuminate an upcoming opportunity for Michele.

Tune in to Stars Like Us each week for expert interviews on pop culture and mysticism. Find out what guests believe in, how magic shows up in their lives, and what the universe has to offer them. 

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