EP153 Drew Afualo: TikTok’s Unexpected Hero

50m | Apr 11, 2022

Aliza Kelly connects with Drew Afualo (Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Sagittarius Rising), TikTok’s favorite savior against misogynistic men, host of the new show “The Comment Section,” and co-host of the podcast “Two Idiot Girls.” In this episode, Drew explains how she became the TikTok sensation she is today, how she handles all the hate, and what it takes to boldly call men out on their bullshit. Drew and Aliza discuss the atrocities of the internet, the destructive impact of the patriarchy, and how Drew inspires women day after day in the face of it all. Drew tells Aliza about the magic of her fans, and Aliza pulls a tarot card to illuminate Drew’s future.

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