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Make Life Better

Want to live a healthier, happier life? We believe that health is the foundation of happiness. Join us and see how together, we can “Make Life Better”. Discover natural products that can help prevent illness and learn about the best natural remedies to improve many health conditions. New Roots Herbal brings you interviews with naturopathic doctors, dieticians, alternative medicine experts, and other professionals to help us live healthier lives.

The ”Make Life Better” podcast is a series where we explore topics like diet, exercise, and mental health to help you live your best life. We explore natural, organic, and holistic approaches to health and wellness. We cover basic nutrition, stress management, managing diabetes or cardiac issues and much more.

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Why is it important to strengthen the immune system?
Show Details16min 40s
How Is Collagen Related to Womens’ Health?
Show Details15min 37s
Can heart health be improved?
Show Details15min 31s
Will mental health get better?
Show Details15min 55s