Stress-Free Holidays: Wellness Hacks with Andrea Donsky

Season 1 | Episode 47
16m | Dec 1, 2023

Welcome to the Tonic Podcast! In this episode, "Stress-Free Holidays: Wellness Hacks with Andrea Donsky," our guest, Andrea Donsky, a registered holistic nutritionist with 20 years of experience in natural health and wellness, offers valuable insights for navigating the holiday season with a focus on reducing stress and promoting overall well-being.

As the holiday rush approaches, Andrea discusses practical strategies to prioritize tasks, plan ahead, and avoid becoming overwhelmed. She stresses how it’s okay to ask for help. From time management to setting boundaries and learning to say no, she provides actionable advice to help listeners find calm amidst the chaos. She quotes well-known actress and activist Jane Fonda for saying (No.) is a sentence.

The conversation delves into the significance of incorporating daily routines and relaxation techniques into our lives. Andrea emphasizes the power of simple practices such as breathwork, meditation, and short walks to reduce stress levels. She even does a little breathing with Jamie. Discover how these small pockets of calm can make a significant difference in managing anxiety during the festive season.

Physical activity emerges as a key element in stress reduction, with Andrea highlighting the role of exercise for enhancing resilience to stress. The discussion covers the importance of weight training, yoga, and mindful movement in promoting overall well-being, especially as we age. Andrea stresses blocking out stressors while exercising to maximise benefits. They touch upon the importance of balancing strength and cardio. 

The dialogue seamlessly transitions to the crucial connection between stress and sleep. Andrea self-dubbed a "sleep hacker," shares insights into sleep hygiene tips and the role of supplements like melatonin for improving sleep quality. Learn about the vicious cycle of stress and sleep deprivation and how breaking it can lead to better mental and physical health. Sleep hygiene depends upon ritual, try swapping books for electronic screens. Hit the sack before eleven!

Adaptogens take center stage as Andrea introduces these herbal allies which shield against stress, supporting the body's natural coping mechanisms. Melatonin is her favourite for its versatility of dosage. While acknowledging potential contraindications, Andrea recommends adaptogens like holy basil, ashwagandha, and functional mushrooms, emphasizing the importance of individualized approaches. Looking for potency validated amounts of therapeutic compounds for many of these botanicals is stressed. Functional mushrooms such as Reishi and Chaga are also discussed.

The conversation expands to cover additional supplements, such as Omega-3s and probiotics, and their role in mental health (mood) and overall well-being. Andrea provides practical advice for selecting supplements and integrating them into a holistic lifestyle for maximum effectiveness. The gut-brain connection for mental health is also mentioned.

In conclusion, Andrea emphasizes the importance of consistency and viewing supplements as complementary to lifestyle changes. The discussion underscores the long-term benefits of these practices, fostering resilience, balance, and a healthier, more fulfilled life beyond the holiday season.

Consistency coupled with lifestyle choices are key. Look long term for healthy habits to reap returns.

Tune in to this insightful episode of the Tonic Podcast for a holistic journey towards stress-free holidays and a well-balanced life with host Jamie and Andrea Donsky.

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