Optimizing Prostate Health: Natural Strategies & Supplements

Season 1 | Episode 43
45m | Nov 1, 2023

This podcast delves into the realm of men's health, focusing

on prostate health. Our expert guests, Naturopathic Dr. Ludovic Brunel and Kristen

Nield, Manager of Blue Water Nutrition, share valuable insights into natural

strategies and supplements for optimal prostate health.

The conversation covers a range of topics, from the role of saw

palmetto, rye flower pollen, plant sterols and cranberry extract for better

prostate health to the importance of product quality. Dr. Brunel sheds light on

preventative measures, emphasizing the significance of detecting prostate

issues before symptoms have a profound effect on quality of life. The conversation

further explores the connection between prostate health and erectile

dysfunction, providing essential information for men of all ages.

Listeners gain actionable advice for incorporating natural

alternatives into their wellness regimens, understanding the benefits of

specific supplements such as tomato sourced lycopene and prostate friendly selenium.

Dr. Brunel emphasizes the importance of raw material sourcing and extraction methods

for maximum effectiveness.

The discussion extends beyond supplements, touching on

lifestyle changes which contribute to better prostate health. Topics such as

exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and dietary considerations, including

the role of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, are explored. The maintenance

of a healthy sex life are also touched upon for prostate wellness.

For those interested in taking proactive steps toward a

healthier prostate, the podcast introduces New Roots Herbal Prostate Perform, a

comprehensive supplement encompassing key ingredients from the discussion. The

hosts mention its availability with a promotional one week trial size, making it easier for men to

experience its potential benefits.

The podcast also sheds light on the clinic's services,

including free consultations with practitioners such as Dr. Heinen and Ayurvedic

practitioner Dr. Manjiri, live blood cell analysis by owner Frank Yazdani, and

other holistic offerings to address hormonal imbalances and overall wellness.

As the holiday season approaches, the episode explores the

surge in interest related to New Year's resolutions, emphasizing the importance

of considering holistic health in for the upcoming year.

Tune in for a wealth of information empowering men to take

charge of their prostate health naturally. Whether you're navigating

preventative measures, dealing with symptoms, or seeking a holistic approach,

this episode provides valuable insights and actionable steps for optimizing

prostate health.

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