Boost Immunity: Navigating Cold & Flu Season

Season 1 | Episode 44
15m | Nov 1, 2023

Welcome to the Tonic Talk Show, where we delve immune health with the esteemed Dr. Colleen Hartwick. In this enlightening conversation, Dr. Hartwick, a licensed naturopathic physician with a special focus on trauma and mental health, shares her expertise for navigating the challenging terrain of cold and flu season.

As the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, Dr. Hartwick sheds light on the seasonal aspects of colds and flus. Drawing on her years of private practice in Campbell River, BC, she discusses the environmental and lifestyle factors which contribute to the uptick in viral infections during the darker months. From decreased sunlight affecting vitamin D levels to shifts in diet and exercise habits, she uncovers the interconnected web influencing our immune resilience.

Distinguishing between colds and flus, Dr. Hartwick guides listeners through the symptoms, causes, and disparities between these common winter afflictions. Colds are most commonly caused by rhinoviruses, whereas flus are actually an abbreviation for influenza. Colds are also milder, with no fever. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining a robust immune system through lifestyle choices, nutritional support, and strategic supplementation. She mentions consumption of sweets over the holiday season for suppressing immune function.

Listeners are treated to a wealth of practical advice, from the significance of exercise and dietary protein to the role of essential nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics. Dr. Hartwick also explores the benefits of elderberry, sharing insights into its antiviral properties and its potential to assist in fever response during infections. A fever is basically the body creating a hostile environment for the virus.

The conversation takes a turn towards natural remedies for symptom relief, covering topics such as saline sinus irrigation, steam inhalation, and herbal teas for soothing sore throats. Dr. Hartwick's recommendations extend to specific supplements like echinacea and lysine, offering a holistic approach to managing both acute infections and ancillary conditions such as cold sores. She describes how cold sores have a permanent, yet dormant presence once infected, they’ll flare up when the immune system is under siege. Lemon balm, and L-lysine are mentioned for relief. 

To help listeners make informed choices, Dr. Hartwick provides valuable advice on selecting supplements from reputable sources. Stressing the importance of consulting with healthcare professionals, she encourages individuals to prioritize products made in Canada, standardized herbal extracts, and certifications like ISO 17025 for quality assurance, a third party accredited lab.

As we navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic era, Dr. Colleen Hartwick equips listeners with the knowledge and tools to fortify their immune systems and thrive during the winter months. Join us for this illuminating journey towards a healthier, more resilient you.

Don't miss out on the insightful conversation with Dr. Hartwick—your guide to boosting immunity and embracing a winter of wellness. Tune in to the Tonic Talk Show for a dose of naturopathic wisdom and practical tips to fortify your defenses against the cold and flu season.

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