Travel Well: Health on the Go

Season 1 | Episode 48
28m | Jan 1, 2024

In this episode, Dr. Dasha Leneva, a renowned Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, delves into the crucial topic of staying healthy while traveling. As vacations become a time for relaxation and exploration, the shift from our daily routines can pose unexpected health challenges. Dr. Leneva navigates common issues such as jet lag, dietary changes, and the stress of adapting to new environments, offering actionable advice for travelers seeking to maintain their well-being “on the go”.

The conversation begins with an exploration of the most prevalent health challenges travelers face, highlighting the impact of routine changes, irregular eating habits, and the stress associated with travel preparations even down to passport expiry. Dr. Leneva emphasizes the importance of preparation and adaptability, suggesting strategies for immune support and stress management. She also offers tips for mindful indulgence with all-inclusive vacations and the necessity of sun protection in tropical destinations.

A significant portion of the discussion is dedicated to combating jet lag, with Dr. Leneva recommending a pre-travel adjustment of sleep schedules, the importance of hydration, and dietary tips which align with the destination's time zone. She introduces natural supplements such as melatonin and magnesium to aid in sleep regulation and stress management, alongside the benefits of light exposure and physical activity in resetting the body's internal clock.

For city travelers, Dr. Leneva addresses unique challenges like air and water quality, advising on respiratory health and the use of water filters to ensure safe hydration. Suggestions for coping with environmental and mental stressors include rhodiola, ashwagandha, and NAC when urban air quality is a concern. She stresses the balance between indulging in local cuisines and maintaining a healthy diet, offering practical tips for incorporating whole foods and managing portion sizes to prevent post-vacation fatigue and weight gain.

The conversation also touches upon considerations for post-COVID travel, underscoring the importance of immune system preparedness and the option of wearing masks in crowded or confined spaces. Dr. Leneva encourages active exploration, whether on the beach or in urban settings, advocating for regular physical activity and hydration as pillars for travel health. Maintenance of balanced electrolyte status is also stressed.

In conclusion, Dr. Leneva shares personal insights for post-travel recovery, emphasizing the significance of rest, hydration, and a gradual return to routine to mitigate potential health issues. She reiterates the value of simple yet effective health practices which can impact your travel experience, ensuring vacations remain a source of joy and rejuvenation rather than stress and illness.

Listeners are left with a comprehensive guide to navigating health during travel, armed with practical tips and natural remedies to enhance their travel experiences. Dr. Leneva's expert advice serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between adventure and well-being, encouraging travelers embrace new experiences with mindfulness and preparedness.

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