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held in Sisterhood

held in Sisterhood is about invoking the medicine of sisterhood within all of us so that we realize how amazing I, you and we all are. 

We, Anna and Marlene, know what it means to be contracted from sisterhood. What it means to feel isolated from women, to constantly compare ourselves to other women in our looks, skills, gifts, relationships, to be the receiver and giver of never-ending catfights. We know how it feels to see a sister fall in love with someone and abandon her girlfriends.

By now we also know how it feels to be deeply held by other women. By now we know how crucial these committed connections are for us. For our individual and collective healing. We know that the concept of sisterhood is a medicine that is needed for the world we now live in. 

And here we share with you : what being held and hold in sisterhood looks and feels like. In our spontaneous yet intentional conversations we touch upon topics which may be for some complex, deep, triggering, refreshing and simple pure in the essence of where we are.


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Intro & Outro music : Rose by Ayla Schafer

Artwork and cover: Martha Chahary & Marlene Zehnter