#29: Be a Leader Who People Want to Follow with Sharon D. Sauls

59m | Dec 2, 2022

Have you ever been hired for a position without sharing a resume? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Sharon D. Sauls, CEO of The BE LED Group, LLC & Senior Vice President of Training and Leadership Development at Chick-Fil-A (MNE), and organizational leadership guru. Join Dr. Jasmine and Sharon for a great conversation about women in leadership, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurship. Looking for ways to become more effective in leadership? Listen in as Sharon shares her story and gives advice to women leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Episode Quotes:

  • “I was hired at Chick-fil-A, and they still don’t have my resume.” 
  • “Every leader must be led in order to effectively lead.” 
  • “Effective leadership is the ability to align your leadership skills and behaviors in ways that make you a magnetic leader. People want to follow you.”
  • “How you think, see people, along with your ongoing desire for leadership development point you toward being an effective leader.” 
  • “You don’t just learn how to lead when you get the position; you grow into it.” 

Sharon D Sauls is a leadership consultant and speaker with over 25 years of entrepreneurial and executive leadership experience. As president of The BE LED Group, she challenges, equips, and empowers and emerging leaders through her practical, transformative approach. From ministry to the marketplace, Sharon demonstrates an exceptional ability to combine biblical principles with corporate strategies. 

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